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RE: Java file location (Re: More JNI thoughts)

From: Takashi Okamoto [mailto:toraneko@kun.ne.jp]
> Well, I post proposal about java file location (maybe disscussed here
> yet..).
> [class files(*.class)]
> /usr/share/java/classes
> [jar files(*.jar)]
> /usr/share/java/lib
> [web applications(*.war)]
> /usr/share/java/webapps
> I may permit uncompressed war file here.

What about local files?  As a developer (lower-case d, not [yet] 
a Debian Developer), I don't want my work-in-progress messing up
/usr/share.  Shouldn't the policy require all JVMs to include
/usr/local/share/java/* along with any instance of 
/usr/share/java/* (ie: in classpaths, web app auto-deploy directories,

As for .../webapps, you should definitely allow uncompressed wars
here, at least in the /usr/local version - I don't want to have to
zip up a war every time I make a minor change during a long dev 
session.  Packages Should (that's a policy Should) provide WARs
only, but vms/servlet runners Must handle uncompressed directories.
(Be strict in what you transmit, loose in what you accept.)

java-base should (maybe) use debconf to offer to create those
directories as well, or perhaps just note that they'll be used if
they exist (since maintainer scripts shouldn't just automatically
create directories in /usr/local).

- Marc

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