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[jr@orthanc.jrw.org: Re: Fw: tomcat and apache troubles]

J.R. emailed me privately the more details. Since I don't know the JSP
stuff real well (read: not at all :) I figured I would send this to the
list where it stands a chance of being answered intelligently.

In the meantime, I would suggest turning that tomcat web server back on.

I hope this helps, but don't count on it. :) Thanks for the expanded
message -- so much easier. :)

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I'm sorry.  Let me try again.
I was trying to finish writing the message before catching the bus home and didn't do a good job writing.

I have installed the apache and tomcat packages as well as the j2sdk1.3 etc.
The web server works fine.
At least the cgi's and ssl etc work.

All of the packages are installed in their default locations and configurations.
I see that tomcat has been started.
BTW, I turned off the extra web server that is part of tomcat but I don't think that should matter.

I have a file Hello.jsp from Thinking in Java 2nd edition.
I put the file in /var/www/jrw/ and also in /usr/share/tomcat/webapps/tomcat-examples/.
When I try and link to that file I get the "You don't have permission..." message.

I have checked the links and the permissions look ok.

How is the connection made between the .jsp file and the java server under tomcat?
This doesn't seem to be done with a mime-type.

Additionally, I put a copy as I said in the root of the web and I get a unusal 404
"Original request: /Hello.jsp
Not found request: /Hello.jsp"

Any light you might be able to shed would be appreciated.
As I believe I said,
When I compiled things my self and installed them etc.
The stuff worked.
But here I'm using the packages from debian and I'm not sure what the problem comes from.
Butr, I am sure when found one will be hit on the forehead and say
"Oh, that's obvious."


J.R. Westmoreland  (W7JR)
E-mail: jr@jrw.org

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