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Re: Java libraries and proposal.

> Just to complicate the situation....
> Any script that builds a PATHS,CLASSPATH, must also consider stripping
> conflicts from them.

Well, each JVM on the system could have a script that builds the classpath
that it needs. That would be the first thing in the actual classpath passed
to the JVM. Next, you tack on the existing $CLASSPATH contents. Lastly, you
add the auto-generated stuff in ./lib, ./classes, $HOME/lib, $HOME/classes,
/usr/share/java/lib, and /usr/share/java/classes.

If there *are* any JVM-specific classes found in the previously-existing
CLASSPATH or in some of the other "lib" directories, they shouldn't affect
the proper operation of the current JVM since it's own classes will be found
first (since they appear earlier in the classpath passed to the JVM).

- Joe

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