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Re: Java libraries and proposal.

Just to complicate the situation....

Any script that builds a PATHS,CLASSPATH, must also consider stripping
conflicts from them.

On my system, I have a set of use scripts, with which I can say:

   use jdk -v 1.2
   use jaxp
   use jmx -v 1.0

If later I decide to do a

   use jmx -v 1.0

then the old jmx stuff must be removed from the CLASSPATH and APTH,
otherwise I have both 1.1 and 1.0.

This is achieved with little scriptlets in each package, eg for jmx:

export PATH=$( purge $PATH $UP_DIR )
export PATH=$UP_PATH/bin:$PATH

export CLASSPATH=$( purge $CLASSPATH $UP_DIR )
export CLASSPATH=$UP_PATH/lib/jmxri.jar:$CLASSPATH
export CLASSPATH=$UP_PATH/lib/jmxtools.jar:$CLASSPATH

So whatever versioning mechanism is put into the scripts (I use
directories, but I support the suggestion to use links and names
like C libraries), we must be able to strip out clashing version.


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