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Re: Quitting debian-java

[Alex, please wrap your lines at 74 characters. Thank you.]

* Alexander Hvostov <vulture@aoi.dyndns.org> [010315 11:51]:
> On Thu, 15 Mar 2001 06:15:53 -0500
> Benjamin Black <bhb8@columbia.edu> wrote:

> > i think a better question is why has this thread been going on this long?

> If you want to know the answer to your question, I suggest you read
> the thread history. If you need, I can make a tarball and send it to
> you...

I think I have to agree with Benjamin here. This thread, a long time
ago, had relevence to the debian-java list. It has since degenerated
into name-calling and sarcastic comments. (I share some blame in the

Please everyone, before sending each email, ask yourself if the email is
actually regarding "Java Maintenance"[0]. If it is, feel free to send
it. However, I think few of the emails on this list recently qualify as
"Java Maintenance".

Thanks again.

[0]: http://lists.debian.org

Earthlink: The #1 provider of unsolicited bulk email to the Internet.

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