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Re: packaging jars vs. classes

* Joe Emenaker <joe@emenaker.com> [001108 14:04]:
> > Ah, wouldn't that be nice.  If every package maintained compatibility
> > release to release, we could do that.  But that doesn't always happen.
> > For example, Kawa's package hierarchy is going through some
> > reorganization, such that if I compile BRL against Kawa 1.6.67 won't
> > work with Kawa 1.6.70 (solved just by recompiling).
> Isn't that what the Debian package "conflicts" and "requires" settings are
> for? If I compile Apache against libc5 and then replace libc5 with libc6,
> Apache's going to break until I recompile, right? However, the Debian
> packaging system safely navigated us through that migration... so I don't
> see why it wouldn't work here.

[Sorry for aol-style quoting...]

This would be true if Java provided an easy way to get at version
numbers of libraries/class/jar files. Without easy version numbers built
in, that means we have to build it ourselves.

Sad, no?

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