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Re: Getting ant and kaffe to play nice

Depending on which Kaffe you are using this is probably largely my fault.
There are a number of features (including even X AWT GUI support) that are
silently disabled during the Kaffe build if you do not have the proper header
files installed. One of these things is BigInteger and other arbitrary 
precision support. Unfortunately I was not using anything which demanded 
these classes at one point and did not notice that Kaffe was silently 
disabling support.

This should be fixed in the Woody Kaffe .deb.

On Wed, Nov 01, 2000 at 11:51:18PM -0800, Aaron Brashears wrote:
> Hi everyone. I've been experimenting with jikes and kaffe as
> alternatives to using the jdk. Though jikes seems to work great
> (except for the notable lack of jpda suppot), I'm having some problems
> with ant. When running ant with kaffe, I get the following exception:
> org.apache.xerces.validators.datatype.InvalidDatatypeFacetException: [exception was kaffe.util.SupportDisabled: GNU gmp was not found by Kaffe configure script]
> Has anyone manged to get ant and kaffe to play nice? I found a post a
> few months ago from Stefan Gybas which reported similer problems.
> I'm using the latest available version of kaffe - 1.0.6

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