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Re: Severe problems with JDK 1.2.2 and potato

On Saturday 3 June 2000, at 0 h 26, the keyboard of "Dr. Simon Read" 
<simon@email.clark.american.edu> wrote:

> I think  the Java package  maintainers should give serious  thought to
> their policy, especially  with respect to Java 2. 

The fact that Java 2 is not publicly redistributable is beyond Debian's 

>  Java and CORBA are
> likely to be the basis of a new class of distributed systems that will
> change the  way enterprises  build systems. 

Pure marketing hype. And even if Corba succeeds (remember that KDE just 
dropped Corba), you cannot be sure it will be with Java. (Oh, BTW, I use 
Java+Corba with the JDK 1.1 shipped with Potato.)

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