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Severe problems with JDK 1.2.2 and potato


I'm having very serious problems with Sun's JDK 1.2.2 (and Blackdown's
too) with potato on both my i386 and SPARC boxes.

I've followed the installation  instructions supplied with each, but I
still get  NoClassDefFoundError exceptions even  for simple HelloWorld

I believe  the problem is  with /etc/alternatives system.  I  have the
dummy java compiler and virtual machine installed.

Can someone  help?  I want either  to set up a  configuration file for
JDK1.2.2  or  to  rip  out  (purge, expunge,  completely  remove)  the
alternatives for java.   I'd be happy to RTFM is  someone can point me
to one.

I think  the Java package  maintainers should give serious  thought to
their policy, especially  with respect to Java 2.   Java and CORBA are
likely to be the basis of a new class of distributed systems that will
change the  way enterprises  build systems.  If  Debian does  not keep
pace with Sun's releases, however repugnant Sun's SCSL may be, it will
exclude  an important  class of  user groups.   Having been  an ardent
Debian supporter  from it's  inception, I am  on the edge  of becoming
sufficiently  frustrated   with  Debian   to  consider  a   much  less
'politically correct' distribution because of issues such as this.

Simon Read

Dept. of Comp. Sci. and Info. Sys.
Clark 120
American University
4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20016
Tel: 1 202 885 3128
Fax: 1 202 885 1479
Email: simon@american.edu
WWW: www.csis.american.edu/~simon

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