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Re: Please help: JServ logging not solved yet

On Wed, 12 Apr 2000, Eric Ravelomanantsoa wrote:

> Instead of System.out() and/or System.err() use the log() method of the
> GenericServlet abstract class (your Servlet should be a subclass of it). This will
> output your stuff in the jserv.log file.
OK, I've thought about that, but my problem (as unexperienced Java
programmer!) is, that I can't see the log() method in the classes I
use.  My design is as follows:

    servlet1.class        servlet2.class         servlet3.class
                  \             |               /
		      \         |           /

All servlets are very simple, just creating a common object and
calling a method of common.  I would like to make common independent
from GenericServlet and tho I have no log() method inside common.
Please correct me if this a bad idea or bad design and perhaps you
could tell me, how to make log() available in common, which is not
a subclass of Servlet.

Kind regards


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