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Re: Please help: JServ logging not solved yet

On Wed, 12 Apr 2000, Seth R Arnold wrote:

> But, I can ask a question: rather than depend upon System.out and
> System.err, why not open a brand new file, say /tmp/debugger, and send
> all your debugging there? If you just need the debugging while writing
> your servlets, this might be plenty. If you need the debugging available
> (or general logging) in the finished product, then perhaps this is not
> enough, and hopefully a good book on java servlets would have the
> answer. :)
I use it for Debugging and runtime errors.  On the machine which serves
the public I installed a cronjob wich is looking for new events which
might require interactions in /var/apache/error.log.  That's why I'd
like to store the errors there (database connection failures etc.)

To keep it simple I use this technique also for debugging purpose on my
development machine.

Anyway thanks for your thoughts


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