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Re: JServ logging

Andreas Tille wrote:

> # Syntax: ApJServLogFile [filename]
> # Default: "./logs/mod_jserv.log"
> # Note: when set to "DISABLED", the log will be redirected to Apache error log
> # Debian note: DO NOT SET THIS OPTION HERE - use /etc/apache/httpd.conf!
> #ApJServLogFile DISABLED
> Should I really ignore hints printed UPERCASE?

I had to put one of JServ's options into /etc/apache/httpd.conf because
the update-apache script does not understand the Include directive and
will otherwise think that no JServ options are used and will put a comment
sign before the "LoadModule jserv" directive -> mod_jserv is not used.

You should just do what the comment says. If you want a different log file
than the Apache error log edit this option in httpd.conf instead of

> OK, mod_jserv package is obsolete since the latest jserv packages,
> but *what* is the right way now and where is the right place to
> tell Apache/Jserv where to store the logs?

mod_jserv is not obsolete - it is the connection between Apache and
JServ. JServ is a standalone server (started by /etc/init.d/jserv and
completely written in Java) which can be contaced by any web server
that supports JServ's ajpv12 protocol (and Apache does this only if you
use mod_jserv).

I don't understand your main problem at all. What is wrong with using
apache's error log for jserv logging? You can use differnt error logs
for each virtual host, even for each directory - just use ErrorLog
in httpd.conf.

Stefan Gybas

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