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Re: JServ logging

On Thu, 30 Mar 2000, Stefan Gybas wrote:

> I don't understand your main problem at all. What is wrong with using
> apache's error log for jserv logging? You can use differnt error logs
> for each virtual host, even for each directory - just use ErrorLog
> in httpd.conf.
The problem is, that there is *no* logging of messages which
I print with System.err.print().  I used these messages in all
my catch{} branches and I was happy with the messages which went
into /var/apache/error.log.  But they don't since I use
Jserv 1.1 packages.  Even if I did a grep in my /var/log directory
nothing of my own messages is logged anywhere.  That's the problem.
I didn't changed anything in the LogFile setup (not in /etc/jserv
and not in /etc/apache).

Could you try 

    System.err.println("Nonsense logging");

in one of your servlets.  In which file is this stored.  If it works
please send me your configuration that I can track down the problem.

Kind regards


PS: By the way: Is it bad habit to use System.err methods for logging.
    Should my servlet open its own files to store error messages?

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