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Re: JBuilder3 Foundation (Re: FAQ-java draft)

Remco van 't Veer <rwvtveer@xs4all.nl> writes:

> It works for me on both SE from Sun and RC4 from Blackdown.  SE is a
> little bit faster but doesn't fully draw windows until I move them a
> bit.  RC4 shows no problems.
> I am using a weekly updated potato.

That's _so_ weird, as I've got the same setup.  I'm kind of stuck in
further diagnosing the problem.  Maybe I'll try from another machine on
my network and install to an NFS mounted drive and see if it acts any
different.  The machine I'm trying to install on has a lot of symlinked
top level directories (like /usr) so maybe it's something weird with

Thanks for the input.

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