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Re: Status of Free Java Environment?

Per Bothner <per@bothner.com> writes:

> * Java compiler (.java to .class)
> Gcj can also compile .java to .class.  It currently does not handle
> inner classes, but that is being actively worked on.  It is written in
> C, so is reasonably fast.  It generates reasonable good bytecode.  And
> of course being able to use the same compiler for .java to .class and
> .java to native has its advantages.

I've been having trouble getting it to compile even the simplest of
programs (System.out.println); I'll send another message to the list
this evening with the details.

> Note there are at least three implementations of the standard Java
> classes:  Kaffe, classpath, and libgcj.  This means some unfortunate
> duplicate work.  One problem is different licenses.  That does not
> preclude someone donating the same or similar code to all of them,
> but it does preclude whole-sale merging.

Bah, it would be nice if all of the above could be GPL or LGPL; why
are they not?

-- John

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