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Re: jdk1.2

	Okay, so there is a lot of dicussion about not being able to
redistribute the jdk1.2 because of facist licensing by Sun.  However, this
isn't a unique case, is it?  Netscape and realplayer, at least, both have
this *SAME ISSUE*, as well as ezmlm and qmail, I believe.  The work around
is an installer debian which requires the tar.gz to exist in the /tmp
	Why not follow this approach?

	The fact of the matter is that the free java implementations are
not sufficient for many people's work.  My research system, which is java
based, will not work properly using kaffe.  I don't think the proper
answer is to force people to use the free, insufficent software or not use
debian, at all.  I'd rather see debian allow for the non-free reference

"It is by will alone I set my mind in motion"

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