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Re: jdk1.2

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>>>>> "Mark" == Mark Wielaard <mark@klomp.org> writes:

    Mark> Yes, the JDK License is scary. Especially the License that
    Mark> comes with JDK 1.2.  Clause 2 of that license says:

    >> Software is confidential and copyrighted. Title to Software and
    >> all associated intellectual property rights is retained by Sun
    >> and/or its licensors.  Except as specifically authorized in any
    >> Supplemental License Terms, you may not make copies of
    >> Software, other than a single copy of Software for archival
    >> purposes.

    Mark> That means that unless Debian, its mirrors and other people
    Mark> distributing Debian (non-free) CDs get an exception it
    Mark> cannot be distributed via the ftp archive or on CD.

So we can't redistribute the blackdown version of jdk1.2, but
blackdown can?  Do they have a special dispensation?

But we can redistribute the jre1.2, right?  For my current needs, that
would work fine as I can use the jre and one of the free javac
implementations until we have a free jre.

If we can package the jre1.2, is anyone planning on doing it?  If not, 
I am volunteering.

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