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Re: mod_jserv and the Java policy

On Wednesday 4 August 1999, at 19 h 56, the keyboard of Stefan Gybas 
<cab@studbox.uni-stuttgart.de> wrote:

> Maybe we should add a section about where to put servlets,

May be. But remember that a Policy which do not cover everything is better 
than no Policy.

> > It should at least depends on java-common and may be on
> > java-virtual-machine instead of the specific jdk, which is
> > non-free.
> Why should it depend on java-common? It requires a JVM, so a dependency
> on java-virtual-machine should be enough. Your policy says:

You're right. The Policy is not clear about that. I'll reword it.
> > Libraries packages MUST be named lib-XXX-java. 
> I'm strictly against this. I suggest java-XXX instead.

Hmmm, may be. See bug/wishlist #41113 "[PROPOSED] Naming Conventions for modules" against debian-policy before we find a Java-only solution.

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