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Re: mod_jserv and the Java policy

Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:

> Since it is in Java, can you check it complies with
> <http://www.debian.org/~bortz/Java/policy.html> and/or make
> comments about the proposed policy?

Maybe we should add a section about where to put servlets, I've chosen
/usr/share/java/servlets in libapache-mod-jserv. We then could create
a virtual package java-servlet-engine once there are other servlet

> It should at least depends on java-common and may be on
> java-virtual-machine instead of the specific jdk, which is
> non-free.

Why should it depend on java-common? It requires a JVM, so a dependency
on java-virtual-machine should be enough. Your policy says:

> Packages written in Java are separated in two categories: programs
> and libraries. Programs are intended to be run by end-users. Libraries
> are intended to help programs to run and to be used by developers. Both
> MUST depend on java-common.

I suggest to change the last sentence to "Programs must depends on
java-virtual-machine, libraries on java-common or java-virtual-machine.".

> Libraries packages MUST be named lib-XXX-java. 

I'm strictly against this. I suggest java-XXX instead.

Stefan Gybas

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