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On 1999/08/03, Andreas Tille wrote:

> > Note that other add-on packages to Emacs are not enabled by default
> > either, e.g., AucTeX.
> > 
> > If you disagree with this behaviour, please file a (wishlist) bug.

> No, I think this is the right behaviour.  The only thing which would
> make sense could be, that the ~/.emacs files of each user could
> be scanned and the line could be added as comment with a describing
> text.  So each user could be informed about the installed packages.
> I think that not all users parse the database of installed programs
> every week and read the according docs.
> But this would be much more effort in the installation scripts.

This sounds like something that needs to be coordinated between all emacs 
and emacs add-on packages maintainers.  You could bring it up on 

	- Ruud de Rooij.
ruud de rooij | ruud@ruud.org | http://ruud.org

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