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On 2 Aug 1999, Ruud de Rooij wrote:

> As explained in /usr/doc/jde/README.Debian, all that is required is
> putting
>  (require 'jde)
> into your ~/.emacs file.
Sorry for bothering you.  I'm sure I looked at this file but I must
have been blind :-(.
> Note that other add-on packages to Emacs are not enabled by default
> either, e.g., AucTeX.
> If you disagree with this behaviour, please file a (wishlist) bug.
No, I think this is the right behaviour.  The only thing which would
make sense could be, that the ~/.emacs files of each user could
be scanned and the line could be added as comment with a describing
text.  So each user could be informed about the installed packages.
I think that not all users parse the database of installed programs
every week and read the according docs.
But this would be much more effort in the installation scripts.

If you think that this would make sense, I could post this to
debian-devel for further discussion.

Kind regards


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