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Re: Debian: t-code package needs an active maintainer

Hi Paul,

From: Paul Wise
Subject: Debian: t-code package needs an active maintainer
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2007 17:57:41 +0930

> Tatsuya, I can help you with sponsoring and the general packaging side
> of things, but not with emacs-related parts (I don't use or know emacs),
> other Debian folks can probably do that if you need it. Since upstream
> hasn't made a release since 2003, perhaps you would like to take over
> upstream too and create a project on sourceforge.jp or similar?

FYI: Tatsuya is an official Debian Developer aka tats.  He has been
maintaining many Emacs-related packages (and is sponsoring some my
packages). :-)

Shigeo's diary was last updated on November 17th.  So, he is alive,
but is not active on maintaining packages.



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