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Debian: t-code package needs an active maintainer


The t-code package needs someone to update it for the modern era and
maintain it in the future. Noshiro Shigeo does not seem to be active on
the t-code package, so Tatsuya Kinoshita, perhaps you would like to do
this? Noshiro, if you intend (or do not intend) to be active on the
t-code package any time soon, please reply to this email.

Tatsuya, I can help you with sponsoring and the general packaging side
of things, but not with emacs-related parts (I don't use or know emacs),
other Debian folks can probably do that if you need it. Since upstream
hasn't made a release since 2003, perhaps you would like to take over
upstream too and create a project on sourceforge.jp or similar?



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