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Re: Help with a japanese license for music in a videogame

2007/11/23, Osamu Aoki <osamu@debian.org>:

> I am one of those Japanese lacking proficiency in English but I can
> certainly read the Japanese original which was written more legible in
> writing style than translated one.  It was still loosely written license
> and difficult to assess.
> Short answer: NOT DFSG and not even for Debian non-free

Thanks!!! :)

I'll remove the music files from that game too, then.

> This prohibits secondary distribution while allowing downloading after
> consenting to his rule.
> Although he states he is flexible on terms, I doubt that he will bend
> his rule to DFSG license.
> Here is my rough translation.
> ---- This asserts that this is not copyright free (i.e., not public
> domain).
> You may download without permission from the author provided you agree
> on associated terms.
> You may edit downloaded contents and perform followings
>  * filename change
>  * format change (WAV->MP3 WAV->OGG MP3->OGG OGG->MP3)
> You should consult author for the followings:
>  * remix MIDI->MP3
>  * Bit rate change for MP3
> Followings are forbidden:
>  * MP3,OGG-> MIDI
>  * Use part of the music as sound effects
> ...
> If you make game using this, you must donate 1 game to the author.
> ....
> Do not distribute contents to third party!
> ----> This ends discussion for DFSG or inclusion to non-free!

Thanks Osamu, you have really been helpful!!!! :)


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