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Re: Help with a japanese license for music in a videogame

2007/11/17, dombly@kc4.so-net.ne.jp <dombly@kc4.so-net.ne.jp>:

> > And it seems to be DFSG-free, so I don't have to remove it. Can anyone
> > confirm it?
> No.
> The author asserts that their products cannot be redistributed freely.
> See their English page (http://www.geocities.jp/cyber_rainforce/english.html):
> >> 3.This license forbids other distribution of these sounds(including modified sounds).

Some japanese folks are not really that proficient in English, and he
might have wanted to say "allow" instead of "forbids", as the text
doesn't make any sense otherwise. It's the original japanese license
that matters to me, not the English abstract. Is it also said there? I
mean, does also the original license in japanese forbids
redistribution or it allows it?


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