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Re: XKB, GNOME 2.6, gswitchit and other stuff concerning Japanese

木曜日 15 7月 2004 11:45、Alfonso Muñoz-Pomer Fuentes さんは書きました:
> GNOME 2.4, via the Gkb applet worked perfectly.

then maybe you would be happy with kxkb? Works for me under xfce, too.

But I fully agree, multilanguage (easy) input is impossible, even if you try 
harder it is far from perfect and some things just wont work unless youre 
_really_ good at multilanguage stuff.
For example, I have a japanized xfce4/kde-3.2.3/gnome-2.6 environment. But 
since I installed some uim? helper app for gnome I now dont have kana-kanji 
conversion anymore, Im sure this is again configurable but Ive had enough for 
now! Under xfce4 I can input japanese starting applications with

kinput2 -xim -kinput -canna &

(but not in kmail, neither do european "extra" characters work in kmail [I get 
a nakaguro/nakaten]). In Openoffice kanji work, as well ... on display :0.0, 
not so on :0.1!! And, I forgot: only if I start the whole thing from gdm, I 
never got kde (or anything started from kdm) to input japanese - only with 
knoppix ;(
Well, I better stop, before I start crying (any more) ;)

Valentin Born "kamome"

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