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Re: blank square on gnome

Le Thu, 25 Dec 2003 21:45:37 +0100
keisangi <yggdrasil.keisangi@free.fr> a écrit:

> i have a problem with gnome and unicode / Japanese encodings (euc/jis)
> instead of the right fonts, all i can see is weird squares with
> numbers in it.. 
> i tryed to update gnome to 2.4, updated lots of packages containing
> the word "unicode" in their filename, but it still doesn't work.
> french and english utf8 languages seems ok, but no japanese on gnome.
> (while it work with kde and konqueror. but on gnome and mozilla all i
> can see is squares)

You need some Japanese vector fonts installed on your system, as Gtk+
(since version 2.0) only uses vector fonts. You have some in the
following packages :


You can also get the « Bitstream Cyberbit » truetype font
(cyberbit.ttf) somewhere on the internet (netscape website for example).

Just having one of those installed should do the trick (i prefer the
kochi-gothic which is easier to read). 

Anybody knows a good (free) japanese truetype font with normal & bold ?


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