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Re: blank square on gnome

Ben qu est ce que tu fous là toi? :P

Well... It seems you could be lacking a few fontsets..
The japanese /. works fine at mine in EUC-JP, but i remember having trouble 
like you do few months (years?) ago, when i first tried to print/input 
I fixed it by apt-get installing anything that looked like a japanese font 
Here's part of what i have:
pied@goth:~$ dpkg -l |grep apanese
ii  asiya24-vfont  1-10           Japanese Maru Gothic font in Zeit's Syotai C
ii  dvi2ps-fontdat 1.0.1-2        Font data of Adobe Japanese fonts (futomin, 
ii  figfonts-cjk   2.2.1-1        Chinese-Japanese-Korean fonts for figlet 
(geez! i must try this !)
ii  gsfonts-wadala 0.20010409-6   Japanese symbol fonts for the ghostscript in
ii  gsfonts-wadala 0.20010409-6   Japanese gothic fonts for the ghostscript in
ii  gsfonts-wadala 0.20010409-6   Japanese mincho fonts for the ghostscript in
ii  hbf-kanji48    1.0-2          Japanese Kanji 48x48 bitmap font (JIS X-0208
ii  ja-trans       0.8-2          Japanese gettext message files
ii  konfont        0.1-7          Public domain japanese fonts for KON2
rc  ttf-kochi-goth 0.2.20020727-2 Kochi Gothic Japanese TrueType font without 
ii  ttf-kochi-goth 1.0.20030809-1 Kochi Subst Gothic Japanese TrueType font wi
ii  ttf-kochi-minc 1.0.20030809-1 Kochi Subst Mincho Japanese TrueType font wi
rc  ttf-kochi-minc 0.2.20020727-3 Kochi Mincho Japanese TrueType font with nag
ii  ttf-xtt-wadala 0.20010818-9   Free Japanese TrueType fonts (gothic)
ii  ttf-xtt-watana 0.20010818-9   Free Japanese TrueType fonts (mincho)
ii  ttf-xwatanabe- 0.2002.0626-1  eXtended Watanabe Mincho Japanese TrueType f
ii  vflib2         2.25.1-18      Vector Font Library for Japanese Character C
ii  watanabe-vfont 1-9            Japanese Mincho font in Zeit's Syotai Club f
rc  xfonts-cjk     3.3.6-2        basic Chinese, Japanese, and Korean fonts fo
ii  xfonts-intl-ja 1.2.1-1        International fonts for X -- Japanese
ii  xfonts-intl-ja 1.2.1-1        International fonts for X -- Japanese big
ii  xfonts-kaname  1.1-6          Kaname Cho 12dot Japanese KANJI fonts for X
ii  xfonts-naga10  1.1-10         10x10 dot Japanese and ISO-8859-1 naga10 fon
ii  xfonts-shinono 4-1            Various 12,14,16 dot Japanese Kanji, iso8859
ii  xpdf-japanese  20020401-1     Portable Document Format (PDF) suite -- Japa
ii  zeitfonts      1-4            Japanese fonts in Zeit's Syotai Club format.

I erased some unimportant stuff from the above list.
But really, installing all this helped me, since i didn t know at all what was 

To have a japanese environnement try "user-ja".
To input japanese in a term, i have only suceeded with mlterm and canna.

Debian SID. Blackbox.

Axioplase (aka Pied)

On Thursday 25 December 2003 21:45, keisangi wrote:
> hello, i've just joined this mailing list in the hope to find someone who
> can help me.
> i have a problem with gnome and unicode / Japanese encodings (euc/jis)
> instead of the right fonts, all i can see is weird squares with numbers in
> it..
> i made a screenshot:
> http://yggdrasil.keisangi.free.fr/PERSO/TEMPO/grabs/Screenshot.png
> (i'm using a Debian woody, on a PPC machine)
> i tryed to update gnome to 2.4, updated lots of packages containing the
> word "unicode" in their filename, but it still doesn't work.
> french and english utf8 languages seems ok, but no japanese on gnome.
> (while it work with kde and konqueror. but on gnome and mozilla all i can
> see is squares)
> i don't know how to solve this, i tryed a lot. is there's a tool that can
> help to setup all that? since i've installed lots of fonts, and since
> english utf8 seems ok, i think it's a preferences problem maybe..
> maybe this is not the good list to ask to? if so could you please tell me
> where to ask for suchs problems?
> thanks.

Les paroles sinceres sont rarement elegantes
Les paroles elegantes sont rarement sinceres

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