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blank square on gnome

hello, i've just joined this mailing list in the hope to find someone who can 
help me.

i have a problem with gnome and unicode / Japanese encodings (euc/jis)
instead of the right fonts, all i can see is weird squares with numbers in 

i made a screenshot: 
(i'm using a Debian woody, on a PPC machine)

i tryed to update gnome to 2.4, updated lots of packages containing the word 
"unicode" in their filename, but it still doesn't work.

french and english utf8 languages seems ok, but no japanese on gnome.
(while it work with kde and konqueror. but on gnome and mozilla all i can see 
is squares)

i don't know how to solve this, i tryed a lot. is there's a tool that can help 
to setup all that? since i've installed lots of fonts, and since english utf8 
seems ok, i think it's a preferences problem maybe..

maybe this is not the good list to ask to? if so could you please tell me 
where to ask for suchs problems?

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