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Re: trouble with ntt-jtex and dvips

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Hampson <Paul.Hampson@anu.edu.au> writes:

> I'm interested in the other end of your setup, with jlatex.  I've had
> all kinds of fun trying to make latex of various flavours work in
> Japanese (There's stuff from me a few months back on this list) and I
> have terrible trouble with fonts...

I knew that I had to tinker around for quite some time in Potato to get
it work.  There was probably even some kind of bug in the font
handling.  Not sure about that. 

But for Woody, it worked out-of the box.  If you install all packages
that contain the string "jap", you will probably have all necessary
fonts installed ;-) If it helps you, I could send you a list packages
installed on my system.

Just run `jlatex file.tex'.  The resulting DVI files won't be viewable
by xdvi, but only by xdvi-ja.  You can convert them with `dvips', and GV
should be able to display them, if japanese postscript fonts are

I attach a simple sample file for jlatex, encoded in euc-jp.  At least Emacs21
should be able to display it correctly.

Hope that helps.  

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