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Re: multi-language debian


From: Pied Axioplase <pied@pied.mine.nu>
Subject: Re: multi-language debian
Date: Sat, 31 May 2003 05:29:21 +0000

> Well then.... i may reckon that my browser (galeon) is not properly working 
> since last apt-get dist-upgrade (SID). However, no way to know what encoding 
> is uses on any page.
> For example, take http://rose.ruru.ne.jp/multiplication/tomo/amis.html
> Mozilla says "WESTERN (ISO-8859-15)" which is european charset + euro (?). And 
> though it is (told to be) 8859-15, i am able to see japanese!
> my text in this page won t display correctly unless i swap to Shift_JIS
> (look for "Adrien  (29/05/2003)" in this page)

Wow!  I checked the amis.html and found that the Japanese text is
written in character code expression like "&#12377;" where 12377
is Unicode codepoint for a Japanese character "す".  Since the
expression itself is ASCII, you can write Japanese (and any other
Unicode characters) in this way in any texts.

This expression is also used in Debian web pages (language selectors
at the bottom).

However, it is very hard to write Japanese text in this way.  (I don't
know there are any webpage editor softwares in which you can input
Japanese text in ordinary way and the text is converted into &#xxx;
expression automatically).

Please read any HTML/SGML instructions to study &#xxx; expressions.

> > > mine seems to be lots of ???‘O???A?h???A?“?????I“??{????? or really nice
> > > chars if you seem what i mean...
> >
> > What you mean?  I am afraid your mail is broken....
> Well not it isn t as it is what i sent :/
> I really mean weird characters such as letters with accents (not only vowels), 
> and squares with four 0 or 1 in in as when i see a webpage from korea....

Well, apperance of your string seems to change again...

Anyway, if what you read was "&#xxx;" expression, it is normal.
If it is really a "mojibake", it is likely that your source viewer
cannot display Japanese characters or automatic character code detector
failed.  Or, you may have to install fonts.

> Adrien.
> アドリアン
> PS: Mail sent in ISO-2022-jp to see if you can see the kanas of my name.

I can read this Japanese.

久保田智広 Tomohiro KUBOTA <kubota@debian.org>

PS. I expect you can read my name in Kanji.

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