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Re: multi-language debian

Ok, now i can input japanese (はい!日本語を書くことができる), i have a few questions about 
higly annoying problems.
how comes people can input japanese in iso-8859-1 encoded pages and have their 
text readable by anyone, though when i do so, i have to manually select 
shift_JIS in my browser in order to read the text i input before?
and why when i watch the sources, thei text show up as #1234567 whereas mine 
seems to be lots of Ì–¼‘O‚̓AƒhƒŠƒAƒ“‚Å‚·I“ú–{Œê‚ð• or really nice chars if 
you seem what i mean...
And perhaps there is a link between this and the weird behaviour of galeon 
which seems to have to work utf8 (though i don t use it anymore) and mozilla 
which runs which shows my default page (google) in japanese...
I ought to be run in fr_FR@euro, so i start to reckon that my computer may be 
hauted by some japanese fiend :)


Axio / Pied

Les paroles sinceres sont rarement elegantes
Les paroles elegantes sont rarement sinceres

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