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Newbie questions...

Hello there!

I've been using Debian for quite a while now - so it's time to face
some new "challenges" in it... ;-)

I've recently started learning Japanese, and I'd like to be able to
read/write in Japanese with debian.

So far, I have managed to get XEmacs-Mule to work and I am able to
write text through setting xemacs input-method 'japanese-canna'.

But - I still lack some pieces of information to get some more
stuff working:

  a) How to I write .html pages in japanese? XEmacs saves the
characters as escape sequences, which don't look all too well in

  b) How can I *print* Japanese text? Trying 'ps-print' from within
xemacs doesn't work (I get a message about some fonts missing; and
subsequently the japanese portion of the text ends up blank on the
printed paper)...

  c) How can I view japanese text in pine or an xterm/gnome-terminal?

Anything else that I should KNOW sooner rather than later? ;-)

Oh - and - please - if you DO respond, please do so in either
English or German - I'm only just a few lessons into the Japanese
course, so a howto written in Japanese isn't going to help me
yet... ;-)


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