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Re: Newbie questions...

Question A: Writing web pages:

Basically, you tell mule what encoding to save the file, and then set
the meta line in the HTML header accordingly. For example:

  meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=shift-jis"

[I've stripped the angle brackets in deference to folks who use
HTML-aware mail readers.]

I suggest using euc-jp on the recommendations the O'Reilly book on the
subject, and the fact that Asahi Shinbun uses it. If you're really
interested in how this stuff works, check out Understanding Japanese
Information Processing by Ken Lunde (or the new book, CJKV Information


Here's a trivial example I wrote:

Also look at the source for Asahi's pages. They have pretty clean
HTML, and their header and stylesheet is really simple. 

Question B: Print Japanese text:

I've struggled with this for a while now, and the best answer I can
give is, sadly, print from a Mac or from Windows. I know it can be
done, but I don't know what tortuous things must be done with
ghostscript filters to make it work. 

You may be able to get around torturing ghostscript if you have a
printer that can be upgraded. Older HP laser printers (and new ones, I
assume) have a little cartridge that contains fonts. If you install a
cartridge that has the fonts you need, you should be able to print
fine. Check eBay.

If anyone has a better answer, I'd be very, very interested to learn
how you did it.

Question C: Japanese in a terminal:

This one, at least, has an easy answer.

  apt-get install kterm



debian-jp@here.ch writes:

> Hello there!
> I've been using Debian for quite a while now - so it's time to face
> some new "challenges" in it... ;-)
> I've recently started learning Japanese, and I'd like to be able to
> read/write in Japanese with debian.
> So far, I have managed to get XEmacs-Mule to work and I am able to
> write text through setting xemacs input-method 'japanese-canna'.
> But - I still lack some pieces of information to get some more
> stuff working:
>   a) How to I write .html pages in japanese? XEmacs saves the
> characters as escape sequences, which don't look all too well in
> mozilla...
>   b) How can I *print* Japanese text? Trying 'ps-print' from within
> xemacs doesn't work (I get a message about some fonts missing; and
> subsequently the japanese portion of the text ends up blank on the
> printed paper)...
>   c) How can I view japanese text in pine or an xterm/gnome-terminal?
> Anything else that I should KNOW sooner rather than later? ;-)
> Oh - and - please - if you DO respond, please do so in either
> English or German - I'm only just a few lessons into the Japanese
> course, so a howto written in Japanese isn't going to help me
> yet... ;-)
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