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Fonts issue under X?


I managed recently as one may have read earlier to enable japanese inputting 
under my debian system, though i could read some already for months.
Under my terminals (mlterm or kterm) the characters, kanas or kanjis, print 
very well, but under any other app, such as a web browser or an IRC 
application, the characters print really uglily. They seem very thin, 
somewhat unreadable, and sometimes, especially when i read some webpages, don 
t show completely. I have to select the text with my mouse to make some 
characters appear on screen.
So, i am wondering whether i am not missing some important  fonts, or whether 
i misconfigured my computer about showing Japanese text.

I may send later a small jpg ( one char height and 2 or three width) to 
explain, if no one sees what my problem is.



PS: By the way, may you tell me in private what mail program you prefer to use 
to send mails written in Japanese?

Les paroles sinceres sont rarement elegantes
Les paroles elegantes sont rarement sinceres

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