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Re: multi-language debian


From: Pied Axioplase <pied@pied.mine.nu>
Subject: Re: multi-language debian
Date: Mon, 26 May 2003 07:32:42 +0000

> Find and download im-ja ( http://im-ja.sourceforge.net/ )

I tested this a few weeks ago.  Though I think this project
has a potential to be a useful and mature software, it is
at early stage of development.  At least, as a native Japanese
speaker, I don't want to use this for other than test purpose
because it lacks many features and the user interface (especially
key sequence) is not very mature yet.

I think it needs more developers and testers.  And, when using
im-ja, please note that the key sequence might be changed in
future.  It means that if you are accustomed to the key sequence
of the current version of im-ja, you would be annoyed in future
development of it.

BTW, I found that it doesn't work well for gnome-terminal.
On conversion, the focused string is not shown stressed nor
reversed, which causes kana->kanji conversion process almost
unusable.  Though I reported this to the developer and he 
reproduced this problem, we don't know the reason.  Any help
will be appreciated.


久保田智広 Tomohiro KUBOTA <kubota@debian.org>

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