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Re: multi-language debian

On Mon, 26 May 2003 08:00:08 +0200
Pied Axioplase <pied@pied.mine.nu> wrote:

> Hi!
> Find and download im-ja ( http://im-ja.sourceforge.net/ )

I couldn't install that, due to dependencies, and to the fact I use KDE.
>From that site I was able to reach this nice page:
that let me set things up properly.
I had to use a .xinitrc file like this:
export LANGUAGE=it_IT@euro
export LC_ALL=ja_JP
export LANG=ja_JP.eucJP
export XMODIFIERS='@im=kinput2'
kinput2 -canna &
In fact the first row is mine, not from the site: without that, my sylpheed (for instance) would have been ALL in japanese (menu and the like...). Since I wanted an italian sylpheed, but able to type jap, I added that line, and it's quite fine.
I said 'quite' because it doesn't display accented letters, but this does not matter!!!
I'm really happy for this jap-facility, I can afford such a limitation with ease :-)

So now your script for a jap program is useless, but I can convert it into an `only-truly italian' program call, with no jap but with italian displayer perfectly (as b4); like this:
LC_ALL=it_IT@euro $1 &

So, thank you all very much!

また ねえ!


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