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Re: multi-language debian

Le Mon, 26 May 2003 07:32:42 +0000
Pied Axioplase <pied@pied.mine.nu> a écrit:

> Hi!
> I managed to input some japanese *early* this morning (well, less then
>  hours 
> ago, before i went to bed). I had been trying to input Japanese for a
> few months already and here is my answer:
> Find and download im-ja ( http://im-ja.sourceforge.net/ )
> Download and install. run im-ja-conf and have "canna input" or
> something like that, on your kanji key.
> Then run a program, say, galeon.
> Put your mouse in the address bar, press right button of your mouse.
> Choose input method Japanese (*not XIM*, well, at mine it doesn t
> work). Now press your kanji key in a field text. You can input
> Japanese!

I just tried this software (from current cvs), and yes it looks like to
be quite good, Especially if you have a japanese keayboard. But well, it
looks like to be a nice replacement for kinput/XIM under GTK2, but only
for GTK2, if you're using any other kind of widget it'll just not work.

But i just had a look to IIIMF and the IIIMF im-sdk & iiimf-gtk Input
Method are available ! I will have to test this, expecting for it to be
of a real use; because for the moment switching from french to japanese
"on the fly" for example, is far to be easy. It needs to set LC_ALL,
needs to right/clic choose from Default to XIM or IM-JA at least under
GTK2. I'd like to have a shortcut that could change this, easily :)

For informations on IIIMF : http://www.li18nux.org/subgroups/im/IIIMF/


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