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Re: {pdf,}LaTeX, Japanese and UTF-8

On Mon, Mar 10, 2003 at 07:07:17PM +0100, Julien Portalier wrote:
> On Tue, 11 Mar 2003 02:36:07 +1100
> Do not forget to run texhash as root to be sure TeX learns it has new
> things to care of.

Oh, I hadn't done that... Oh, that's the same as mktexlsr...

> Well now, everything should work fine. But well, i still have a problem
> with hbf2gf which cannot found the file kanji48.* font files which are
> installed in /usr/share/font/hbf/kanji48/, as in the hbf-kanji48
> package. I have to make a symlink to the current directory for hbf2gf to
> find those... any idea ?
> I tried to define the HBFONTS env var, but with no effects.

Try bug #184187. Then hbf2gf should work.

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