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Re[2]: about potato installation

Sun, 07 Jan 2001 18:22:39 +0900 (JST)
wen 様
Subject:『Re: about potato installation』への返信
何度も送信先を間違えて申し訳ありません。m(_ _)m

m(_ _)m I apologize to mailinglist users.
after this time give attention to send.

> linux> block	Disks and disk-like devices.
> linux> fc4	.
> linux> fs	Drivers that allow many different filesystems to be accessed
> linux> ipv4	Internet Protocol drivers.
> linux> ipv6	Intenet Protocol version 6 drivers.
> linux> misc	drivers that don't fit in the other categories.
> linux> net	Drivers for network interface cards and network protocols.
> linux> scsi Drivers for SCSI controller cards and classes of SCSI device
> This menu is just supplied to you to select some modules for some device
> drivers, network protocols, filesystems, etc. For example, if your LAN
> card is not detected by the kernel you should find it in the submenu of
> net and install it in your system. Otherwise, just ignore the menu by Exit.
> You can do this even after your system is installed by ~$ modconf.
> BTW,this ML does not encourage one to write Japanese. If you don't understand
> my English I will write to you in Japanese by DM.
> yoroshiku
> Wen

(o^o^o) Kiyomi Takeuchi

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