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Re: about potato installation

linux> block	Disks and disk-like devices.
linux> fc4	.
linux> fs	Drivers that allow many different filesystems to be accessed
linux> ipv4	Internet Protocol drivers.
linux> ipv6	Intenet Protocol version 6 drivers.
linux> misc	drivers that don't fit in the other categories.
linux> net	Drivers for network interface cards and network protocols.
linux> scsi Drivers for SCSI controller cards and classes of SCSI device

This menu is just supplied to you to select some modules for some device
drivers, network protocols, filesystems, etc. For example, if your LAN
card is not detected by the kernel you should find it in the submenu of
net and install it in your system. Otherwise, just ignore the menu by Exit.
You can do this even after your system is installed by ~$ modconf.

BTW,this ML does not encourage one to write Japanese. If you don't understand
my English I will write to you in Japanese by DM.



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