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Re: mutt, xemacs, and kterm

Josh Huber <huber@debian.org> wrote:

> I'm having a couple of problems with xemacs.  I've set it up in the
> past for editing Japanese text (using canna for input, I believe), but
> I'm having trouble with the font it's choosing to use now.  xemacs -nw
> uses text mode (inside kterm) which uses a readable font.

I suspect that this may not actually be a xemacs specific problem but a font
scaling problem.  Try setting your X server to :noscale the Japanese
fonts.  Another thing to try would be to set up a font in your Xresources

> My last problem is with replying to email with xemacs.  If the email
> has contents that contain Japanese text, that text is garbeled, and
> doesn't display properly.  However, if I insert Japanese into that
> message the new characters are displayed properly.  I'm not sure where
> this problem lies, as opening a file that contains japanese text works
> fine, but not when executed through mutt.

It sounds like a character encoding problem that you are having.  I don't know
whether mutt-ja attempts to translate the character encoding before passing
the buffer to the editor.  You could try M-x set-file-coding-system and then
one of (sjis, japanese-euc, iso-2022-jp), followed by M-x revert-buffer.

Personally, I find it simpler to read and reply to Japanese email using gnus
under xemacs-mule.  By adding (load "mime-setup") to your .emacs, you can get
gnus to use the correct character encoding for the message you are receiving
from the charset MIME header.  But then, I'm not a mutt fan.

Hope this helps,

Michael Eng

Michael Eng, Division of Informatics, The University of Edinburgh
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