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mutt, xemacs, and kterm


I'm attempting to get enough of my system set up so I can
read/write/reply to email in Japanese.

I've got the read part covered, with the mutt-ja package and kterm.
My only problem with kterm is that I can't seem to get the home/end
keys working. What's interesting is this... home and end both produce
^[[ (using control-V<End>) while in xterm I get ^[[H for home and ^[[F
for end.  It's interesting to note that home/end don't work in xterm
either though. (for mutt anyway)  Any thoughts on this one?

I'm having a couple of problems with xemacs.  I've set it up in the
past for editing Japanese text (using canna for input, I believe), but
I'm having trouble with the font it's choosing to use now.  xemacs -nw
uses text mode (inside kterm) which uses a readable font.

However, in the xemacs window the font appears to be some kind of bold
font, which just doesn't look good at all.  It appears all jagged, and
is hard to read complex kanji. (not to say I can read them, yet :)

My last problem is with replying to email with xemacs.  If the email
has contents that contain Japanese text, that text is garbeled, and
doesn't display properly.  However, if I insert Japanese into that
message the new characters are displayed properly.  I'm not sure where
this problem lies, as opening a file that contains japanese text works
fine, but not when executed through mutt.

Anyone have any suggestions for me?


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