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Re: mutt, xemacs, and kterm

On Sat, Nov 11, 2000 at 07:44:38PM +0900, Junjiro Okajima wrote:
> I don't know the reason but recommend modifying the translation table
> in X resource. for example,
> kterm -xrm '*VT100.Translations:#override None<Key>Home:string("ls\n")\nNone<Key>End:string("ls\n") '
> I wonder the kterm is based upon the xterm in *X11R6.1*. There maybe a
> differnce in xterms between R6.1 and current R6.3 about key
> translations.

Yes, I suspect this is the problem, even the translation table
override didn't work to set the keys to something else.  I ended up
using the rxvt-ml package, and krxvt appears to be working *much*
better than kterm.  Home/End work, and it supports more characters
than kterm. (mutt threads show up properly)

Thanks, (still trying to figure out xemacs problems...)

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