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Re: Unicode printing

I solved the Yudit kana-to-kanji substitution and printing
problems.  For reference, here's my solution:

Kanji substitution:
apt-get install canna kinput2

Launch kinput2 from .xsession file, with
a line like this:

# Kanji input tool:
kinput2 -canna &

Inside Yudit, <esc> calls up kinput2 for

Need truetype fonts.  There are probably many
solutions to this, but I chose to use Cyberbit,
which is preconfigured inside Yudit. The only
problem was finding a copy to download. I


which lists several free international fonts, and
includes cyberbit, allowing you to search for
an ftp server carrying it.  For example:

(you will have to paste together the URL,
 because it's so long).

I hope this is helpful to others.

Terry Hancock

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