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Re: Unicode printing

From: Terry Hancock <hancock@earthlink.net>
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2000 10:25:34 -0700
> Printing:
> Need truetype fonts.  There are probably many
> solutions to this, but I chose to use Cyberbit,
> which is preconfigured inside Yudit. The only
> problem was finding a copy to download. I
> used:
> http://www.ccss.de/slovo/unifonts.htm
> which lists several free international fonts, and
> includes cyberbit, allowing you to search for
> an ftp server carrying it.  For example:
> ftp://ftp.sunsite.org.uk
>          /Mirrors/ftp.netscape.com/pub/communicator
> 	    /extras/fonts/windows/Cyberbit.ZIP
> (you will have to paste together the URL,
>  because it's so long).

Very interesting about Cyberbit TrueType fonts.
It's useful to make cyberbit debian package...?!
The problem is Bitstream does not allow to distribute
debs if we make it as non-free package...
OK, I try to contact to bitstream. 

-- GOTO Masanori

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