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Re: Unicode printing


From: Terry Hancock <hancock@earthlink.net>
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000 10:26:41 -0700
> I've started using Yudit for typing unicode documents,
> including Japanese.  I'm presently trying to figure out
> how to get the kinput2 system working properly for
> entering kanji (the kana work fine).

Ah, I have no experience to use "Yudit"...

> But the biggest problem is how to print.  The Yudit
> documentation mentions using True Type fonts like
> "Bitstream Cyberbit," claiming that these can be
> downloaded, but in fact, Bitstream has apparently
> pulled the font off the web (they sell it now).
> The other fonts I can find are apparently only 
> western languages subsets.

If you want to use free Japanese truetype fonts,
try: apt-get install xtt-fonts .

> I'd be happy just finding a way to print using the
> Gnu Unifont (an X11 font) which I'm currently using
> for on-screen editing.  Is there a filter utility that
> I can use to just print the unicode document? (Yudit
> can handle different encodings, but I suppose UTF-8
> is what I'll be using).

Printing out using X11 font or Japanese TrueType fonts
is available with "VFlib" library.
But I don't know whether VFlib can deal with Unicode fonts or not...

In addition, printing out with Unicode fonts is a bit difficult, IMHO.
Almost all printers have no functions to print out Unicode,
so you have to fill out with Unicode bitmaps into 
Unicode-described documents.

> Also, I'm trying to set up the Debian kinput2-canna
> and canna server packages to work with Yudit.  Does
> anybody else have experience with these?  Do they work
> well?  I haven't figured out how to trigger kanji
> substitution requests, yet.  I assume you do something
> after you type in the kana.

IMHO, it needs Yudit have to deal with XIM (X Input Method)
Protocol to communicate with kinput2 or something Input Method.
If Yudit does not have any XIM related code, kinput2
cannot communicate with X11 applications...

-- GOTO Masanori

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