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Re: Help on multilingual support for Linux

From: =??Q?Thomas_Temp=E9?= <thomas@thibs.resj.insa-lyon.fr>
Subject: Help on multilingual support for Linux
> It would look much like a data repository system, with a *nix server and a
> GUI client, where the client would need true multilingual support (or at
> least as good a support as we can find one...) So we were looking at
> Unicode, because handling separate locales for each language did not look
> fesible...

One of the alternative of Unicode is to use combining ISO-2022 or etc.

> There is no problem with the server, all he has to do is handle 8-bit
> clean data. But the client would need to handle and display Unicode
> string. As of now, we were thinking about a Windows client (the API lets
> us do that). I really looked into the possibility to write a Linux client,
> but I did not find any API for displaying Unicode data.  

> Do you know of any way we could display unicode data in a GUI environment? 
> I found no widget set that could do any such thing...  In the case that
> there is none, is it possible to use different locales to display data
> from different character sets in the same window?

This story maybe imply two different topics.
One is about UTF-8 fonts or other codesets' fonts,
and another is how to display. 

If you want to display unicode data, 
you have to get the unicode .bdf fonts.
unifont.deb provides UTF-8 font data.
You also get the data from

If you also investigate displaying many codesets without 
Unicode, with like ISO-2022 or so, you need to get another 
font data: xfonts-*.deb.

The source code of xemacs (http://www.xemacs.org),
lv (http://www.ff.iij4u.or.jp/~nrt/lv),
xterm with utf8 (http://www.ecs.soton.ac.uk/~rwb197/),
yudit, etc..., maybe help you to display unicode data.

GOTO Masanori
Department of Computational Intelligence and Systems Science,
Tokyo Institute of Technology.

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