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Help on multilingual support for Linux


I'm a french student working on an IT project on a program to aid foreing language learning.

It would look much like a data repository system, with a *nix server and a GUI client, where the client would need true multilingual support (or at least as good a support as we can find one...) So we were looking at Unicode, because handling separate locales for each language did not look fesible...

There is no problem with the server, all he has to do is handle 8-bit clean data. But the client would need to handle and display Unicode string. As of now, we were thinking about a Windows client (the API lets us do that). I really looked into the possibility to write a Linux client, but I did not find any API for displaying Unicode data.

Do you know of any way we could display unicode data in a GUI environment? I found no widget set that could do any such thing...
In the case that there is none, is it possible to use different locales to display data from different character sets in the same window? 

The thing would have to complie with a GPL-like distribution policy for our program...

I really would appreciate your help, as I don't really appreciate the idea of a Windows-only client side...

Thomas Tempe

Nota: sorry, I don't understand japanese (yet).

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                -- R. S. Barton

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