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help translating htmllint?

[Please consider editting your headers if you reply -- I'm cross posting
this to two different mailing lists and I'm not sure that both of them
will be appropriate for potential followups.  I've also bcc'd wnpp so
that htmllint can be added to the "Programs that aren't available yet
in Debian" list.]

I some help on a good "lint" style program for javascript.

I've found what looks like a nice program -- it seems to be architected
well, and probably does what I want.  But its documentation and
diagnostics are all in Japanese, and my skill with Japanese is

For reference, the program can be obtained from:
and it needs the Jcode perl module (also from openlab, or from CPAN).

Options I'm interested in:

(1) If someone would translate the diagnostics from japanese to english
(and make a debian package of the thing?), that would be wonderful,

(2) If there's some way of cutting and pasting text from the diagnostics
into something that brings up possibly related entries from edict,
that would be even better,

(3) If there's some alternative program which is already translated to
english, I could probably live with that.

If someone has other suggestions, I'd be interested in hearing them.



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